Restaurant Reviews

San Biagio’s Pizza New York Style – Upland, CA

I was recently out in Rancho Cucamonga helping a friend put up his Christmas Lights and we got hungry. We decided to give san Biagio’s a try, We ordered a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza and a couple of spumoni to go. I was not disappointed. The pizzas were tasty. They had the thin NY style crust with a nice crunch and the sauce and cheese was very tasty. The pepperoni was also a very good taste. The spumoni was very tasty. Good mix of the three flavors. It was definitely a win in my book. I will definitely go back again when in the neighborhood.

Vinny’s Pizza – Westchester, CA
I was driving a friend to LAX for a weekend trip and we had a couple of hours to kill. We were hungry and saw a Subway Sandwich shop on the side so we pulled into the parking lot. When we pulled in we saw the very small pizzeria. Figured it would be better than subway. It had been there since 1978 and its obvious why. The pizza was tasty, nicely crisped crust, tasty sauce and a good amount of cheese and toppings. The only downside is its a takeout only restaurant. They do have 2 tall tables out front on the curb, which is where we ate. Definitely a good pizza pie and a good deal for the money you spend. This is definitely a win. If you’re ever in Westchester and in search of tasty pizza Vinny’s is the real deal.

Tony Bella Vista Restaurant & Pizzeria – Burbank, CA
I have gotten to eat at Tony Bella’s a number of times with carryout but until this past weekend I never sat down inside. It is a typical old-fashioned Italian joint. Dimly lit, comfy booths. I was there for my best friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner and we ordered it up family style in semi-private room. The pizza (which is what i had) was phenomenal. The dough is flavorful and cooked perfectly. The sauce is one of the best on pizzas’ I’ve had. The toppings are so plentiful at times you bit into a mini-stack of pepperoni. The cheese is just perfect and cooked just right. Overall Tony Bella’s (which is what we all call it) is just a top notch pizzeria. Definitely a great location to hit when you’re in the Burbank, CA area.

Cavaretta’s Italian Deli – Woodland Hills, CA
I have been told of this place by a number of friends for a very long time. A friend of mine’s family owned it when it first opened. Now I’m not in the valley area much but when I go anywhere I love looking for new places to eat, especially Italian joints. This place did not disappoint. My friend recommended the meatball sandwich (it’s her grandmother’s recipe). The meatballs are amazing. They’re just popping with flavor. Tender to perfection to the point you barely have to chew, the meatballs just kinda disintegrate in your mouth. To finish it off I had a cannoli and a Manhattan Special Soda (Coffee Espresso Soda). Both were very tasty. After I had eaten I went back to the counter and got a to go bag of various biscotti and Italian cookies (they retail at $9.99/lb). The cookies and biscotti are very tasty. This is a definite win for anyone in the area craving a good sandwich. They have a store which has the typical deli layout. I will definitely be visiting there again and often if my travels take me to that side of wotn.

Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar – Santa Rosa, CA
I was recently up in Somona for my niece’s wedding. When I got in on Friday evening I needed to find a place to eat before the wedding the next day. I looked around for pizza and settled on Rosso. The reviews were good and it looked affordable. The place was packed on a Friday night and that is always a good sign. I waited about an hour for a table but it was well worth it. It was a Neopolitan style pizzeria with a wood-fire oven. I ordered the Margheritta Pizza which is tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Once seated I was quickly greeted by a waitress and the food did not take long to get there. It was cooked perfectly. The ingredients were all fresh and the service was excellent. The flavor was spot on and it is definitely a local spot to go if on vacation in wine country in Northern California.

Neil’s Seafood & Pasta – San Pedro, CA
Neil’s is a classy sit down place in downtown San Pedro, California. It’s owner Neil is also the head chef. The meal always starts with bread served with a side of marinara with mascarpone cheese in it. I have a problem getting too full from just this sometimes. Next you get to choose a soup or salad. Personally I’m not a salad guy so I go with the soup. The pasta fagioli is my favorite but I have never had a bad soup there. Next the main course. The menu isn’t huge but offers a lot of good options. Not one flop on the menu. The Saltimbocca Alla Romana may well be my favorite dish ever. It’s a thin veal cutlet topped with proscuitto and cheese cooked in a white wine, garlic sauce. It is soft, tender and melts in your mouth. The absolutely perfectly prepared veal dish. Their gnocchi is also a highlight. Soft and absolutely perfectly prepared you can pair it with any of their sauces and all are delicious. Hands down if you want a high quality meal and don’t mind a mid-line price in the Harbor/South Bay area of Los Angeles, this is the place to be.


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