Sylvester Stallone: An Italian-American Success Story

People may think that this title is corny but when you examine his track record he was never handed anything. He wrote and created his two greatest roles: Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. More than even an actor or director, Sylvester Stallone, is a masterful storyteller. His ability to paint emotions with vivid colors is amazing. He has faced many struggles in his journey in Hollywood and has overcome every single one. The original Rocky film almost didn’t get made. He had a number of offers fro studios but they were with the understanding that he did not star in the film. He passed on every one of these offers. He took a huge pay cut when he found a studio that would let him star. The results speak for themselves. Almost 40 years and 6 films later Rocky Balboa is one of the most recognizable and celebrated American Film Icons ever created. He has now moved the Rocky character into the trainer role as he helps to bring a new take to the story releasing CREED this Thanksgiving. This will follow Apollo Creed’s son in his journey as Rocky finds himself in the mentor role.

John Rambo was created in 1982 and now has 4 films (with a 5th planned). Rambo was a Vietnam Veteran, permanently damaged by the war. If you look at all the films they correspond with political/war crisis’s in the world. From Vietnam to Iraq to Myanmar (Burma) in the most recent. The Rambo films exist to bring awareness to issues of a global scale.

Stallone’s newest franchise THE EXPENDABLES is currently in planning for its fourth installment. THE EXPENDABLES gives you exactly what you think: a brief storyline followed by amazing action sequences. While not the most in depth stories the action in the films is extremely satisfying.  He has helped bring new talent to the forefront.


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