The Drop

the drop

The Drop is a story about a Bar in New York that serves as one of many “Drop Bars”. A drop bar is somewhere that helps funnel and store money obtained from the underworld by gambling. This is likely James Gandolfini’s last movie. He is great in it of course. A tale of his cousin Bob (played by Tom Hardy — a phenomenal performance) and Cousin Marv (played by Gandolfini) who shares that name with the bar. The movie is a great tale of deception and crime and survival of the fittest. What are you willing to do to survive. Bob must chose between life and his family. He finds a companion or two in this case (an abandoned dog as well as the girl who’s house he finds the dog at). Its a bit of a love tale as well in the midst of the crime tale. The character development is well done and you definitely find a personal connection to the three main characters. This movie moves a little bit slow but is very well done. The framing of the shots, the story, and especially the acting was great. Definiely worth seeing, especially for a Gandolfini fan. As great as Gandolfini always is I found the real standout performance in this movie to be Tom Hardy.

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