Feast of San Gennaro

If you’re looking for something fun to do in the Los Angeles area this weekend consider dropping by The Feast of San Gennaro in Hollywood. It is sponsored by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla. The event is held on the Jimmy Kimmel backlot of his theater where he films his late night show. The celebration kicks off Thursday night with Prima Notte where many notable celebrities will drop by. Entrance to Prima Notte is a tick pricy but looks to be fun. Friday – Sunday it runs all day long and entrance is $5 unless your under 12, then its free. The fee goes towards scholarships for students in the are. The festival consists of many booths and events. Notable are the food booths, rides and the procession of San Gennaro around the lot onto Hollywood Blvd and back to the mainstage which culminates with Mass around Noon (this is on Saturday). The Feast of San Gennaro is a fun time and great for families of all sizes and people of all ages.



The Drop

the drop

The Drop is a story about a Bar in New York that serves as one of many “Drop Bars”. A drop bar is somewhere that helps funnel and store money obtained from the underworld by gambling. This is likely James Gandolfini’s last movie. He is great in it of course. A tale of his cousin Bob (played by Tom Hardy — a phenomenal performance) and Cousin Marv (played by Gandolfini) who shares that name with the bar. The movie is a great tale of deception and crime and survival of the fittest. What are you willing to do to survive. Bob must chose between life and his family. He finds a companion or two in this case (an abandoned dog as well as the girl who’s house he finds the dog at). Its a bit of a love tale as well in the midst of the crime tale. The character development is well done and you definitely find a personal connection to the three main characters. This movie moves a little bit slow but is very well done. The framing of the shots, the story, and especially the acting was great. Definiely worth seeing, especially for a Gandolfini fan. As great as Gandolfini always is I found the real standout performance in this movie to be Tom Hardy.