Fest of San Gennaro

 Every year in the last weekend of September The Feast of San Gennaro comes to Los Angeles on the backlot and street behind Jimmy Kimmel Live. It is a fun weekend with food, talent, merchandise and a procession on Hollywood Blvd with the statue of San Gennaro and Mass on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Sound Stage. It is $5 to get in but the money goes to fund scholarships, which they present at the festival. This was my 4th year attending the event. It is an opportunity to celebrate, feast and get some Italian gear for not too much money, though my day always runs me a high tab.

The Feast of San Gennaro started in 1926 on Mulberry Street in New York (Little Italy) to honor the Patron Saint of Naples. Although he is the Patron Saint of Naples the Festival is widely celebrated by Italian-American’s who came to America from all over the Italian country. I have attended over the last few years with various friends and this year we brought a larger group than ever before including some of my friends children who loved the food and the rides especially.

I very much appreciate this event here to help show the City of LA that the Italian Culture is still alive and well in it. It is important for all people to appreciate where they come from and the culture that it entails. A the United States continues to grow and blend across cultures it is important to preserve traditions and the culture of our ancestors from which so many great things come. I hope this event continues to grow and hope that all of you get a chance to go check it out next year. Image